A culture of ingenuity and a commitment to excellence.

With an independent streak and the need for a new challenge, David Redding left his job as a manufacturing engineer in the corporate world to create Darco. He set up a band saw and a Bridgeport mill in the corner of some shared space and got to work. That was in 1978. His hard work, attention to detail and a knack for seizing the right opportunity became the foundation that made Darco the robust shop it is today. 

We carry on that heritage under the stewardship of General Manager Laura Miller who started at Darco over 25 years ago. She and her skilled leadership team apply creative and quantitative thinking to maximize efficiency and maintain the high quality of our product. Laura believes that big ideas can come from small business and that manufacturing in Central New York is alive and well.

Today our business continues to grow as we focus on investing in our equipment and our next generation of talented people.  We are ready to serve your next generation of people and product lines.

Our people make it work.